Youth Inclusion Association

Younclusion is non-profit, non-governmental organization with aim to improve the situation of young people, women and marginal groups of the society in all areas of social life. This is achieved by promotion of gender equality, democracy, human rights, social development, volunteerism, integration.


The organization’s staff has already 5 years of experience in the fields of non-formal education, youth policies, volunteerism, gender equality, active citizenship and participation, human rights and youth work. Younclusion is a full member organization of various international networks such as  Anna Lindh Foundation Network, FEDI Network and national networks such as  Denge ve Denetleme Ağı, Gençlik Örgütleri Forumu, Ulusal Gençlik Parlamentosu etc.


Younclusion’s vision :  A society where the community has every child, youth and woman, built-in for equal opportunity to advance socio-economic transformation, participation and recognition of their full potential.


Younclusion’s mision : To partner with the community,  local government, universities,NGOs, foundations to establish the social independence of youth & women to built sustainable inclusiveness and adoption in their lifes.


Younclusion’s main objectives are:

-  Promotion and protection of human rights, civic values and rights of vulnerable groups of citizens in society,

- Promotion of non-formal education among citizens, especially among young people,

- Support of marginalized people and contributing to their social inclusion in society,

- Encourage our target group to take active part in social, economical and political life,

- Contribute community development by planning local and national events,

- Foster cooperation in international level for mobility in the youth field,

- Facilitating self-determined way of life for young people with fewer opportunities,

- Encouraging young people in the development of creativity and innovation,

- Promoting democratic participation of young people in the decision making process,

- Encouraging young people to participate in the activities of civil society and encouraging the construction of a tolerant, democratic and non-violent society,

- Support any kind of initiatives from our target group for improving of personal and professional skills,

- Creating a learning environment that increases the mobility of young people and supports learning from other young people and youth organizations,

- Establishing cooperation with local government, universities and local/ international NGOs, foundations and other organizations who share common values with us.


Younclusion fullfills its objectives through the programs and projects. The activities; organising specific program activities; implementation of joint projects and cooperation with local and foreign NGOs, foundations, local governments; organising conferences, seminars, training courses, exchanges, discussions, debates, creative workshops, counselling and other public activities and forms of education; organising, implementing and providing support for technical and scientific research through the implementation of various projects and activities; organising voluntary actions to raise awareness on matters of social and public interest, as well as activities encouraging active participation of youngsters in decision-making.

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