Hemsin Yasam Dernegi

Hemsin Yasam Dernegi (Hamshen Life Association) was founded in 2015 by young Hamshenians who were disappointed by and wanted to do something about the local social and cultural issues. The goals of the organization are listed below: - to protect and promote movable and immovable cultural and natural properties with the collective work of the local people - to facilitate the development of culturally and ecologically sustainable tourism activities - to raise the general level of education and culture - to promote economic and social development and - to promote the development and sustainability of participatory democracy by directly supporting the collective unity and social solidarity among local people The founders have taken active roles in various fields of civil society in the past.

Organizasyon türü:



Rize (tr)

Danışılacak kişi:

Tugba Yazici



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00 90 538 642 9581

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