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Knowledge and Skill Association has been registered in 2017 by seven young people, in Nigde, Turkey.The association has a mission based on increasing knowledge and skills for young people. Our main goal is : -to provide knowledge for youth and to facilate mobilities -to break down the prejudices on cultures, nations, religions etc. -to improve personal and professional development for the group member and youngsters Our vision By improving our young people's knowledge and skills; It is to bring open-minded, creative and respectful young people to the world. Our values Love and respect: It is to love people without distinguishing their race, identity and culture. Union is strength: It is possible to meet the needs of young people by working together Open mind: Being open is always good. Young people are right: Young ideas are always the greatest motivation of every age. There are two basic academies within the group: 1. Knowledge Academy and 2. Skill Academy.

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Niğde (tr)

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Şahin Keskin


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Şehit Sedat Çelik 23, 51100 Niğde

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