Pi Youth Association

Founding works of Pi Youth Association started on March 14 in 2014 (Pi= 3, 14). 6 mission topics were determined in accordance with the development in the world-Europe and the requirement of our youth. It was founded for the youth’s progress of capacity, helping for developing positive behavior/ attitude, contributing to knowledge and skill of the youth and carrying on works aimed at solution of the youth’s problem. Pi Youth Association carries out activities regularly for their young members and volunteers. Besides it produces and conducts national projects, develops partnership on the determined 6 mission topics. Especially the youth in particular to classified as woman, person with disability, refugee, minority and in disadvantaged on the subject of sociality, economy, geography etc. – each individual who lives in Turkey ( between 15- 30 years) is focus group of Pi Youth Association

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İzmir (tr)

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Sinem Kocaman



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Akdeniz Mah. 1353 Sokak No:1 Taner İş Hanı Kat:5 D:502 Konak -, 35210 İzmir

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