Our association is as a non-profit non-governmental organisation working with youngsters ,founded in 2005 Our Association’s objectives are supporting the physical, psychological and educational development of youngsters, empowering active citizenship of youngsters in general, empowering European citizenship of youngsters in private and developing their creativity Our Association is a Eurodesk Contact Point located in Balykesir.We Cooperate with various non-governmental organizations in Europe. If you want to be part of the solution of social problems, deveop yourself and making your dreams real within the European Union Projects ,Please Contact us Following activities are made for the puposes of our Organisation : Activities for Informing the youngsters about the opportunities of EU programmes as Eurodesk Contact Point EU Youth in Action Projects EU Lifelong Learning Projects National Grant Funded Projects Regional Grant Funded Projects International Grant Funded Projects

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Balıkesir (tr)

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Kasaplar Mahallesi


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+90(0) 505 4949504

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+90(0) 266 2413063


Uzundöşeme Sk Kevser Ap -, 10100 BALIKESİR

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