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International youth activities center association is a youth NGO which was founded in 2012 in Kayseri. It was founded to arrange activities that support youth’s personal development and to contribute to the development of a youth that can generate a solution for the problems around them, are self-confident, promoter and sensitive. International youth activities center association has branch in SARAJEVO / Bosnia and Herzegovina. We want to form a youth activity in which youth can exist as they are, act in concert affect the society and activity that is innovative, creative and sustainable. International youth activities center association support non formal education in all activities .Non-Formal education can be explained as learning by doing. It contains many tools and methods in accordance with the field of education subjects. International Youth Activities Center Association is a contact point in Eurodesk. As Organization we are working in youth information field because of that we are using really actively Eurodesk and we are organizing youth meeting, training, seminars...etc. in the universities and high schools for the young people as Eurodesk Contact Point.

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Kayseri (tr)

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Cumhuriyet. Mah. Tennuri cad. 31/2 Melikgazi -, 038040 Kayseri

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