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"Togehter we are Aware and Act" wants to train a group of 10 young people (5 Germans, 5 Turkish) in becoming group leaders for future intercultural youth exchanges and other projects promoting social cohesion and intercultural exchange between young people.
To do so, before the actual training week in Istanbul, the young people will join different e-trainings on Project Management and will start planning the week guided by the project coordinators to already gain some expereince in preparing and implementing projects, in particular youth exchanges.
During the days in Istanbul the German participants will be hosted at their Turkish peers' places and will spend these intensive days togehter. The program is characterized by different training sessions on Social Cohesion, Intercultural Dialogue (and respective non-formal education activities) and by an introduction in Intercultural Youth Exchanges, similar projects and funding opportunities. In the evening informal activities planned by the Turkish participants to discover Istanbul and the Turkish culture will take place. The stay will end with a public closing and dissemination event organized by the young participants themselves.
At the end of the stay, in Idea Labs the participants will bring togehter ideas on their future youth exchanges. These drafts will then be the basis for the actual German- Turkish youth exchanges to be implemented next year with some of the participants in the role of the group leaders.

The preparation of “Together we are Aware and Act” is closely linked to the activities to the youth exchange Tama Taman- the intercultural youth exchange that the young people participanted in before- and has an impact on the choice of activities of the youth exchange. As well a first joint preparation session will take place during the youth exchange.
From August on, both teams will then prepare the various activities in both countries always regularly updating and supporting each other. Most important preparatory activities are

  • selection and preparation of participants

  • practical arrangements (visa issues, booking of flight tickets etc.)

  • planning of the different trainings and formative activities during the stay

  • guidance of the participants in the preparatory activities

In this process of project preparation, 3 further online meetings will be organized by migration_miteinander and conflictus. Together with the initial meeting during Tama Taman, these encounters will be used for task assignment and, as stated above, updates and support requests.

This project mainly  aims to improve the participants’ facilitator and trainer skills in order to manage further project related with youth exchanges.

For this purpose a selected group of the young people who participated in the Tama Taman project from Germany and Turkey will come together in Istanbul, Turkey. As  project coordinators migration_miteinander  and conflictus will organize a training program which improve training skills of the participants on topics indicated as below:

·       peaceful living together in multicultural settings

·       Social Cohesion

·       Conflict Resolution

·       Solution Oriented Communication

·       Project Management

.     Leadership and Group guidance

Project methodologies will be mainly based on non-formal education methodologies. We chose to use the Experiential Learning Cycle and will thus involve the participants in an interactive learning process during which they will experiment themselves the methods presented.

As regards the Project Management sessions, they will be provided through e-learning sessions but will still have interactive elements and give space to discussion.

The main achievement of the proposed project will be to create an awareness on the topics as listed above. With this proposed project, participants from Turkey and Germany will not only learn about these topics but they will as well be equipped with the necessary skills to solve intra-group/intra-community conflicts and issues through the further exchange project that they will implement in the role of group leaders. For this purpose, the participants will learn and gain

  •  Understanding social conflict and conflict resolution principles.

  •  Improving social cohesion among society with the help of participatory methodology and through different non-formal education instruments

  •  Learning Interactive methodologies such as creative drama, image theatre, simulation games and so on

  • Gaining project management skills in social works.

  •  Having opportunity to find a solution to the problems that they have faced in their own community while developing small projects.

  •  Improving their leadership skills.


The activities taking place during the training week will be splitted in different training sessions (always based on the experiential learning cycle) and the organization of the final intercultural evening and dissemination event. Regarding this event, that participants will not only continue planning the event but will as well work on own contributions to the program (presentation of the youth exchange in Germany and the training week in Turkey, presentation of some exemplary Social Cohesion activities using Creative drama as the instrument). At the last two days then we’ll as well start thinking about a possible topic for an intercultural youth exchange that could be implemented next year. Objective of these two sessions is not to develop a perfectly elaborated project proposal but to rather have an Ideas Lab and collect ideas of possible topics, activities and general characteristics of the Youth exchange. These brainstorming results shall then be the basis for the proper development of the final project proposal(s) starting after the training session.
Additionally, organizations and funding opportunities will be introduced to the participants such as Erasmus + and other grant programs. Hence, it is also possible to introduce the participants with the national grants programs. It is also planned to introduce the participants with national organizations-NGOs working on social cohesion and inclusion for minority groups, refugees as well as marginalized populations.

In the evening then different socio-cultural and group-building activities will take place organized by the Turkish participants.



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