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InterCultur gGmbH

Do you want to become a certified intercultural trainer?

Register for our Intercultural Trainer Academy in Hamburg, Germany, from August 12‒23, 2019, by July 1

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We cordially invite you to participate in our Intercultural Trainer Academy and to seize the opportunity to become an intercultural trainer and pass on intercultural competence to others! Please register by July 1!


What is the Intercultural Trainer Academy?

The 9th Intercultural Trainer Academy, organized by InterCultur, takes place from August 12‒23, 2019. Hosted in Hamburg for the first time it offers a unique blend of theory and practice in the field of intercultural training, tailored to participants’ individual needs and interests. Lecturers and practitioners of InterCultur and Jacobs University Bremen will teach about core theories, concepts and research from the field of cross-cultural psychology, complemented by input on basics of training design, visualization, learning and teaching styles across cultures, and many more topics. The Intercultural Trainer Academy targets people who already have theoretical knowledge in the intercultural field and/or training experience. It provides participants with an opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills, network and share experience with other trainers, and experiment with new content and methods with the option of receiving feedback from the group and instructors.


Become a certified intercultural trainer

The Intercultural Trainer Academy entails the option of obtaining an Intercultural Trainer Certificate upon successful completion of the full 10-days course.


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When: August 12–23, 2019

Where: SOAL Bildungsforum, Hamburg, Germany

Costs: EUR 1,250 (includes all course materials)

Requirements: Training/teaching experience or intercultural knowledge

Organizor: InterCultur (Please note that unlike the winter edition the summer edition of the program is organized without Jacobs University Bremen)


Please find more information in the attached fact sheet or on


Please register by July 1, 2019! We reserve the right to close registration upon reaching the maximum number of participants.


We look forward to seeing you at the Intercultural Trainer Academy – and you are more than welcome to share this event with anyone in your network who could be interested to join.




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