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Shelter international e.V., founded in 2017, is an NGO focusing mainly on youth participation, intercultural understanding, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, peacebuilding, but also art and culture. Shelter international e.V. is also giving a great attention to improving the intercultural competence of young people, especially newcomers such as refugees, migrants, etc. as a key competence for understanding each other and living happily together. Our main purpose is to promote youth employment and information exchange among Germany’s and international communities; (short and long-term volunteering) youth mobility, social inclusion, community development, human rights and anti-racism education, promotion of peace among diverse communities, understanding and unity of purpose. We foster intercultural dialogue, cooperation between intracultural entities, aiming to promote recognition and protection of cultural diversity, preserving tangible and intangible heritage, promotion of cultural values through all of its forms and endorsement of Human Rights. Shelter international e.V. is committed to promote opportunities to better the conditions for the rights of migrants, women, children and animals. We take action to raise awareness of the rights of newcomers and offer those help and consulting for juristically related cases. We empower youth to gain social, intercultural, critical thinking competences for a more inclusive education, training and youth field in order to decrease level of prejudices or stereotypes among different European regions and Germany in particular. Shelter international e.V. harness and develop the power of young people, by effectively involving them in direct implementation of the core activities that develop their skills, enabling them to become self-reliance and sustainable people in community service and development. We engage young people in a constructive manner enabling them an initiative and build and develop their ideas that meet the people’s needs and help reduce the problems and challenges that most faced in societies. All members of our organization have ample experience in the Erasmus+ / Youth in Action Programme and they have participated in Youth Exchanges and Training courses in which both as participants and as trainers. Shelter international e.V. stands for a wide range of activities. Some are international projects bringing together youngsters, but most are local activities rooted in Bremen. Peer to peer: Too many young refugees who have been resident in Bremen, living a life of social isolation. This applies especially to the many young refugees who in recent years have come to the country without family or another network. To prevent the isolation we will have peer-to-peer groups. Storytellers’ events: If one does not encounter refugees in everyday life, it can be difficult to get the opportunity to hear the stories that refugees bring with them. There arise many myths and ideas about being a refugee - many of them are shaped more by political interests than of reality. Therefore, it is important to focus on and listen to the individual to understand what in practice is about, when we talk about refugee issues. Leisure activities: we organize cultural and leisure time events on a regular basis like cultural nights, jam sessions, wandering tours etc. Outreach: we train a group of volunteers, which we have called for shelters. They go to schools, colleges, universities etc. where they can make presentations on refugee and asylum policy in both Germany and internationally based on facts. The combination of factual presentations and personal history gives students a broad and balanced basis to participate in the public debate, and not least to talk more with each other about the difficult topic. Shelter: we organize some hosting events for refugees who only live in the refugee camps, so that they have an intercultural exchange with locals and youngsters. Training and workshops: We give intercultural training for newcomers to improve their Intercultural competences and skills. We also make some workshops on topics like tolerance, (anti-)racism, bullying, etc. The long-term aim of the organization is to be involved more actively in international cooperation on various non-formal programs by organizing seminars, exchanges and mobility of youth workers. We organize international projects on human rights education, migration, discrimination, and youth entrepreneurship, peace and non-violence communication, conflict management, intercultural performance, art and more. We use performing art and drama for non-formal education activities at local and international level. The interdisciplinary team of shelter international e.V. have extensive experience in youth mobility, voluntary service, community development, and entrepreneurship development. Our organization staff members are below the age of 32 years enabling them understand the youth segment in a more diverse way; their needs and priorities, skills and potential, their drive and synergy and their developmental needs for a greater sustainable future. Most of our staff have over five years’ experience in voluntary service and youth mobility within European and partner countries. This gives our organization the ability to initiate and implement project of any magnitude and effectively carry it out and produce tangible results that have positive impact on the target communities or groups. Educational background of the members is various; it includes trainers, youth workers, artists, student, art therapist, and financial manager. Living in a multi-cultural community considered an advantage for the members, knowing the importance of tolerance between different cultural entities and breaking prejudices.




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