Özel Marmara Evleri İhlas Fen Lisesi

Ozel Marmara Evleri Ihlas Fen Lisesi

    Ozel Marmara Evleri Ihlas Fen Lisesi, being located in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, was founded in 1996 with the purpose of delivering pre-12 education to the children from a diversity of communities having diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Being a self-perpetuating private school Ozel Marmara Evleri Ihlas Fen Lisesi accepts children aiming at entering universities both in Turkey and in the world. We are preparing students for university-level studies with various quantitative and language courses and have a success rate above 90% in enrolling our students to universities

     In addition to the effective education, social activities are also deemed important in our school. We work with staff that is experienced, professional, dynamic, open minded and aims to bring up successful and happy people by providing them with the background that will adapt them to the rapidly changing world. We promote an awareness of the importance of cultural, linguistic diversity within Europe and encourage the learning of modern languages. We have a gym, open-air sports areas and green fields together with a conference room with a capacity of 500 people.

      Despite being a national school, it has opened its gates to the international students since 2007. Rapidly growing immigration rate to the country led the school to seek for a proper educational program for those immigrant kids in particular. English language has become a priority in the school, which has given rise to enhancement at this area. The foreign languages taught are English and German.

      Our school has organised national and international seminars and conferences together with the other schools. So far, our school has organised international 'Storytelling Conferences' and also '3D Educational System Conference'. Especially science courses can now be taught at a level of 30% by 3D content. We had European Language Label Award in 2012

    The key people to carry out this project are both students and teachers who are willing to communicate,  well organized,  responsible and highly motivated for cooperating together on the issues outlined in this Project.




İstanbul (tr)


Ayşe Ölmez, Elif Zehra Güneş


ayse.olmez@ihlaskoleji.com, elifzehra.gunes@ihlaskoleji.com


0505 7950841

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