Buca Kaymakamlığı

Buca District Governorship is the most superior public authority in Buca district. It is in charge of all public services supplied in the district such as education, health care, security, sports, culture, refugee and so on. For its administrative capacity, our District Governorship is responsible for many of the day-to-day services almost as much as a small country. More particularly, Buca District Governorship coordinates these local directorate services: Local Directorate of National Education, Public Education Center, Youth and Sports Department, Health Department, Social Services Directorate (Disabled, Elderly, Children in Need of Protection, Relatives of Martyrs and Gazi, Birth Aid, Psychological Counseling Services), District Registry Office, Consumer Arbitration Committee, Fiscal Directorate, Directorate of Land Registry, District Police Department, District Directorate of Food-Agriculture and Livestock, District Directorate of Gendarmerie, Cadastre Division, District Directorate of Population, Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, Refugee Services Bureau, the Project Office of EU and Foreign Relations. To become our Project Office that makes a difference by producing service oriented projects yo develop our district's social, cultural & economical situation.




İzmir (tr)


Gülşen SALGAR-AB ve Dış İlişkiler Proje Ofisi Koordinatörü




0090 530 575 92 54

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