Birlikte Yaşam Derneği / Life Together Association

Birlikte Yasam Dernegi (Life Together Association) was founded in 2017 by a group of civil society professionals and youth trainers in Tarsus. The Association, which moved to Adana in 2018 to carry out more inclusive activities in Cukurova Region, has started its activities providing social added value.


Life Together Association has evaluated the knowledge and skills acquired by its members in national and international fields for many years, and this time it has started to produce works that will have a local impact.


Our association is composed of civil society professionals, trained youth workers, human rights trainers and people who are active in the civil sector. It has been established in order to ensure the activation and development of civil society activities and to support the individuals and organizations working in this field.


Life Together Association aims to work on:

  • promoting active participation in urban life through the promotion of participation in social, economic, cultural, artistic and democratic life for young people, women, children, asylum seekers, migrants and refugees,
  • development of sense of belonging to the city,
  • contributing to democratic participation and strengthening the democratic structures of the city,
  • strengthening the horizontal relations between the stakeholders in the city management in a multi-partner and multi-actor management approach,
  • creation of awareness of democracy, citizenship and organization,
  • prevention of social exclusion and racism,
  • country and world peace,
  • intercultural dialogue,
  • social development,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • contributing to educational policies, which are relevant to its target groups, at local, national, European and international level,
  • close cooperation and solidarity between civil society organizations.




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Birlikte Yaşam Derneği




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