Aydın Efeler Belediyesi

Aydın province in the Aegean Region is surrounded by İzmir and Manisa in the north, Aegean Sea in the west, Denizli in the east and Muğla in the south. It has a Mediterranean climate and is rich in agriculture owing to the Büyük Menderes River. The province declared: “The most beautiful earth under the sky and the most beautiful valley of civilizations.” by Herodotus, and Efeler is the biggest central district of this beautiful county. In the direction of our vision as the municipality of Efeler, we aim to “Make our town of Efeler a unique identity and livable contemporary brand city that own its historical and cultural values”. In this direction; * Strategic framework objectives for cooperation with the European Union (ET 2020 )), * Sustainable development in education, * To engage in activities aimed at raising a youth in accordance with the EU values (freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, pluralism, non-discrimination, justice, solidarity, a society in which equality of men and women is dominant). For this purpose,; * Harmonize demand and strengthen social ties, * Providing mobility opportunities, * To contribute to the development of institutional capacity and quality by providing international cooperation, * To create cooperation in policy areas and support the modernization of educational institutions * To contribute to the creation of the European lifelong learning area * To raise awareness in the area of language and cultural diversity * To contribute to cooperation between Programme Countries and partner countries




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