Balıkesir Gençlik Hizmetleri ve Spor İl Müdürlüğü

Organisation structure and usual activities The Province Directorate of Youth and Sports in Balıkesir (Gençlik Hizmetleri ve Spor İl Müdürlüğü) is a public body devoted to youth and people sports activities; its aim is to help the citizens to build their social, learning, intercultural, environmental capacities and abilities by getting involved in the sports activities and events of the center. We give also the opportunity to disabled citizens to take part in our local, national and international activities, projects, sports events, trips and camps and so contribute to their individual, physical, social, intellectual evolution. The Province Directorate of Youth and Sports in Balıkesir is responsible and organizes all sport activities in the city. The Schools sports ( tournement) in basketball , volleybal, wresting, archery, swimming, handball,football and chess are organized by our organization and every year 220 schools and high schools join this tournements. In its campus there are 1 olympic swimming pools, a gym, a fitness centre, 4 football fields.There are 76 sport coaches in different sport branches and the sport courses are free of charge for the citizens. Under the authorisation of The Province Directorate of Youth and Sports in Balıkesir , there are wrestling boarding center and youth center run its activities. Wrestling boarding center has 60 school and highschool students and four coaches.It is one of the most succesful sports centers in Turkey. Balıkesir Youth Centre, provides youth with a lot of opportunities to spend their free time. Young people between the ages of 14 - 29 can take part in social, cultural and sporting activities as well as developing new ideas and putting them into practice. The center is offering its sport activities free of charge for the youth adding to that it organizes youth projects, trainings, campaigns and seminars. We also aim to contribute to the personal and professional development of the youngsters and to create a suitable environment for them to become more active and prolific individuals. For this, we diversified our activities by giving courses on musical instruments, intonation, and folk-dance as well as photography, cinema, theatre, painting, bicycling and hand-crafts. The centre carries on with local, national and international projects with the aim of intercultural awareness for the youth; making it possible for them to interact with other cultures and to build creative dialogue.




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