Turizm Folklor Araştırma Kurumu Derneği

TUFAK (Tourism Folklore Research Centre Association) was established in 1958 in order to study our folk dance, folk music and cultural values, thereby creating an anthology and transferring these assets to the next generation and to introduce our country to the world thereby contributing to the development of the country culture and tourism, and as an amateur club, it has continuously carried on its activities in light of these objectives for the last 56 years. In three international contests, namely, “Carthaginian Festival” in Tunisia in 1968, “Dijon Festival” in France in 1981 and “Zwollen Festival” in Czechoslovakia in 1983, it had the pleasure to represent our country and came first, and as a result, had the satisfaction for achieving its mission in line with its objectives. Our club has intensively and successfully been involved and is still engaged with the EU Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Programmes both in different regions of our country and abroad since 2005, and so far, it has had the honour to receive several success plaques and laudatory documents from numerous public and private organizations. Also, begginning with 2014, we are deeply engaged with the new programme of European Commission, Erasmus+. At the end of a half century, in each year of which we made every effort with the same excitement in an amateur enthusiasm, we here express our sincere affections and give our warmest regards to all associates, acquaintances and families who contributed in the past and still contributes significantly to this notable endeavour made for years altruistically, and celebrate the 65th anniversary of TUFAK with good wishes for both our beautiful and admirable country and TUFAK.




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