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Our Youth Organization wishes to take part in EVS projects with the aim of increasing its effectiveness and developing its vision. The organization’s primary aim is the active inclusion of young people aged 18 and above into social life giving them the opportunity to be in involved in intercultural learning processes. GO is located in Kötekli/Mugla, a part of town where many university students live. That’ s why most of our participants are university students. With the EVS program the organization will be able to gain an international dimension and it will help us to achieve our main goals mentioned above. Youth work is the organization’s field of activity. We have performed and are continuing to perform a great amount of local, national and international projects and activities, e.g. trips, English Conversation Club, TV Series Club, workshops and Cultural Nights. At the same time our office is a meeting place for young people in Muğla where they can participate in intercultural learning processes even besides the organized activities.




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